Our Story


My middle child June is the reason why June & the Moon’s back-zipping wearable blankets came to be. When June was around 18-months old, she started the endearing but also frustrating habit of removing her clothes and she was really good at it! When she would take her pajamas off at night, she would also, unfortunately, remove her diaper and I spent many nights running to comfort (and re-dress) my naked, freezing toddler. I tried using a sleep sack to prevent her from removing her pj’s but at nighttime, she would somehow manage to peel off and “escape” from her sleep sack. I went in search of a “hard-to-remove” sleep sack online and found nothing! I was shocked, figuring this problem June and I were having was surely something other people struggled with.

Thus, I decided to come up with my own solution– the Back Zip Bag! I set out to design a sleep sack designed specifically with toddlers in mind. I wanted it to zip up the back (so no “Houdini” escape tricks), I wanted it to be lightweight (because toddlers tend to overheat when sleeping), and I wanted it to be super-soft and stretchy (so toddlers would LOVE it and not feel constrained). After a few rounds of prototypes, I finally found the winning fabric and design and the rest is history!

We are based out of sunny Denver, Colorado

We are a family owned and operated business with “mom” at the helm (owner & designer, Sara Harper). We believe in making the lives of children & parents better one Back Zip Bag at a time. Parenting comes with its share of complications and keeping kids in their pj’s at night is one way to make things easier!

Denver is a lively, growing city and we found some extremely kind and hardworking people to manufacture our Back Zip Bags. They take pride in their work and our customers reap the benefit!